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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
Wardrobe gone Wiccan: 5 Stylish New Clothing Trends That Put A Wizzards Hat through its paces.
Written by Yunala   

1. Boots that shatter the earth or where ever your feet might take you.

wiccan witch boots


Another case of mainstream fashion gone wiccan is the Akiko Ogawa Metal Plated Wedge Boots. These boots are totally inspired by witches alike, they scream witch mythology right into your ear! Who doesn't want to look like a witch,  portraying dominance and fear is the new sexy! You'll see models wearing these boots around, such as the famous Chanel model Iman.

Chanel Iman Boots




2. The Dress that shrouds desire

witchcraft dress

Undoubtedly a dress like that is sure to get you some attention. A sure way to get discovered if you've been stuck in the coven for too long. There is many guys out there that adore a conveness, but just can't pick them out in a crowd when they are disguised to look extra ordinary.



3. Britches and Witches

gothic wiccan pants


Britches or pants whatever your fancy, these long black plants are fresh from the demonic factory through the hell gates, to your body. All kidding aside you won't be able to conjure these pants to your closet but you can get them shipped to you. Crazyinlove Store



4. Grasp of deathly hollows

black long witch gloves


Long Finger-less Crochet Gloves are a great way to compliment any outfit. Doesn't matter if you're a witch or want a little something to slightly hint your dark intentions, these gloves will make you look sexy!



5. The chill of winter suddenly gone

red coven cowl


Keep warm in those ungodly cold winters, with a traditional Wicca cowl. Inspired by Black Magick mythology a cowl has its place as a very practical piece of apparel.

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